A Ministry of Landmark Baptist Church


Pastor Mickey Carter

Dr. Mickey Carter

Pastor, President, Founder

Pastor Carter has served as Pastor for over 40 years. He is also the author of Things That are Different are Not the Same and The Elephant in the Living Room. Both books major on God's promise to preserve the pure Word of God. One of Pastor Carter's greatest desires is to see today's generation take a stand and continue in the faith.



Administrative Staff

Barry Parsons Matt Pautz



Bro. Barry Parsons                                            Bro. Matt Pautz

Executive Vice President                                                                     Dean of Men




Phil Pitts Kelly Stanek



Dr. Phil Pitts                                                     Mrs. Kelly Stanek

Dean of Christian Service                                                                Dean of Women




Staff & Faculty

William Bradley Juan Cruz



Dr. Bill Bradley                                                       Dr. Juan Cruz

Professor                                                                                                       Professor




Terry Donahue Larry Branham



Dr. Terry Donahue                                     Pastor Larry Branham

Professor                                                                                           Guest Professor




Earla Herring Rosanna Wyland



Mrs. Earla Herring                                        Ms. Rosanna Wyland

Bookstore Manager, Professor                                     Financial Affairs Secretary




Kathy Speck Barbara Harvey



Mrs. Kathy Speck                                           Dr. Barbara Harvey

Librarian                                                                                                    Professor